If you have additional questions after reviewing the ‘How to apply’ and ‘FAQ’ sections, please use the message tool on the application platform instead of email. This helps us centralize all communication and ensures more efficient and timely responses. Note that you will need to create an account to access this message tool.


I have a degree in another field than the ones mentioned on the website (Eligibility criteria). Is my degree eligible?

Your degree will be eligible if the proportion of chemistry and/or process engineering courses is deemed sufficient by our evaluators.

I am a student in my Bachelor’s final year, can I apply?

Yes. Students in their final year of study for Bachelor’s degree may be admitted, provided they submit their degree certificate of completion and official transcripts before enrolment. It is essential that the documents related to the certificate of completion and official transcripts are prepared as soon as possible, with a deadline no later than August 20, 2024, for providing official and legalized certificates. The master programme starting date is September 2024.

I already have a master’s degree but I would like to specialize in the membrane field can I apply?

Yes, the minimum requirement is a Bachelor degree but you can apply is you have other degrees.

I would like to know if I can apply, can you have a look at my profile?

No. The eligibility of your application can only be assessed by the selection committee after submission. In order to maintain fair conditions for all candidates, all information related to the application process will be made available through the website. No personal feedback on the specific content of the application will be given to individual candidates.


I need more time to prepare the application will be the deadline extended?

Please do your best to submit before the official deadline and do not count on extensions. The campaign is closed automatically and no submission will be registered after the deadline.

Last year there was an extension of the deadline, will it be another this year?

The decision to extend the deadline is taken by the MESD consortium and depends on the received number of applications. In the eventuality that there is an extension, it will be only announced 24 hours before the official deadline via the website and the LinkedIn Page.

Are recommendation surveys allowed to be submitted after the deadline?

Are recommendation surveys allowed to be submitted after the deadline? The two recommendation surveys are crucial components of your application and must be submitted before the deadline.

Please confirm with your referees whether they have received the email and inquire if they are experiencing any issues with the provided link. If any problems arise, kindly contact us through the messaging tool on the application platform, indicating the name and email address of the referee.


My passport or ID is expired; I requested a renewal but I still have not received the new document, what can I do?

You can complete your application file during the two months of official opening. Your changes will be saved. You can submit it once you uploaded all the files. If you still do not have your valid passport 1 month before the official deadline please contact us via the candidate selection platform.

Why do I need a valid Proof of Nationality?

Please note that if you are a national of a country outside the EU, you must have a valid passport. If you are a national of a country within the EU, you can present a national identity card.

If you are a national from a country outside the EU wishing to travel within the EU, you will need a valid passport and a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least 3 months after the date you intend to leave the EU and it must have been issued within the last 10 years. This means your travel document must have been issued within the previous 10 years the day you enter the EU on condition that is it valid until the end of your stay plus an additional 3 months.

If you are awarded a scholarship, you will have less than 4 months to prepare all the necessary documents for enrollment, including your visa, and you will need a passport that will allow you to begin the administrative process as soon as possible.

Further information about traveling in UE here: https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/travel/entry-exit/non-eu-nationals/index_en.htm

I have a question about a document, can you provide further clarifications?

If your question does not have any answer in this FAQ you can contact us via the message tool of the application platform. You need to create an account to access this message tool.

I would like to add a new document to my file after the extended deadline, how can I do it?

Regrettably, we cannot accept any modifications or additional document submissions after the closing date of the call for applications.

GPA calculation via Scholaro

The grading scale of my university is not available on « Scholaro’s tool », what can I do?

We recommend you choose the option that best aligns with your university’s grading system.

For example, if your university is from France you have the choice between: “most common francophone”: with a scale of 0-20

« International Baccalaureate Diploma »: with a scale from 0 to 7.

« ECTS »: with grades from A – F

If your transcript of records is based on ECTS you must choose the third option.

How can I know if my GPA calculation document via Scholaro is valid?

Please ensure that the following elements appear correctly on the document:

1-The list of courses entered (table on the left)
2-The list of courses with the GPA calculation (Table on the right)
3-Cumulative GPA result
4-The table presenting the country/university grading scale.

When printing in PDF, you have the option to adjust the sheet size, ranging from A4 to A1. Please ensure that the selected size enables reviewers to clearly view the content.

Here you can find some examples:

GPA calculation valid

GPA calculation not valid 1

GPA calculation not valid 2

Motivation letter

Can I use AI to generate the motivation letter?

No. Please note that the motivation letter should reflect your individual experiences, aspirations, and personality and should be genuine and sincere. It is important to invest time and effort in writing a letter that truly represents you. Please note that the reviewers are professors specialized in the field of membrane science. They do not rely on artificial intelligence algorithms to evaluate your motivation letter and other submitted documents. Therefore, your sincere and personal cover letter is an opportunity to connect with them by sharing your passion for science and membranes.

Can I use AI as a tool to check for grammar and spelling errors or to improve the readability of my motivation letter?

Yes. Knowing how to use IT tools including AI is an essential part of a professional career. Make sure to keep your motivation letter genuine and personal and to perform a final review to ensure the message is clearly delivered as you wished in the first place.

Use AI as a helpful tool, not a replacement for your effort.


How can I submit my application?

You can submit your application once you have uploaded all mandatory information and documents. Please note that the two recommendation surveys are integral parts of your application and must be submitted before the deadline. To complete the process, simply click the « Send My Application File » button.

I already submitted my application but I want to make some improvements. What can I do?

You can access your account, save your progress at any time, and update a submitted application until the submission deadline.

IMPORTANT: once you have submitted your application file, all changes are saved automatically. Please pay careful attention to replacing any removed mandatory documents, as we do not keep backups of deleted files.

If your application file status is marked as « sent » but the completion rate is not 100%, your application will be considered as non-eligible.

I am not residing in my country of origin, will I be considered as a program or partner country student?

The Master MESD belongs to the new Erasmus+ programme for 2021-2027. In this new programme there are no longer programme country applicants and partner country applicants, therefore the 12-month residency rule does not apply. However, in order to comply with the mobility requirements we need to verify the country of residence before the enrolment, and therefore we ask for an affidavit of Residence.

Why do I have to indicate my preference for the tracks?

This information will be used in the interview to verify your motivations and the adequacy of your professional project with your background.

Concerning the first-year (M1) tracks, if you are selected for the main list you will be allocated to a track depending on your ranking position and your preferences.

The preference track for the second year (M2) of the master’s is only asked for statistical purposes.


I was allocated to a track I did not want, is there a possibility to change it?

If you really feel that the track does not correspond to your professional goal, please let us know ASAP via the message tool.

Will I be able to request personal feedback on my application after the publication of the results?

Due to the large number of applications, we are not able to give individual feedback on your application or the exact ranking position.

Please be informed that Selection and admission rules for the Master in Membrane Engineering for a Sustainable Development, MESD, and for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship are conceived to ensure the equal treatment of all applications and the selection of high-quality candidates, based on the following criteria: academic excellence, curriculum vitae, professional experience, motivation, recommendations, language skills.

The number of scholarships is very limited and the selection process is very complicated due to the high level of candidates.

Can I know my ranking on the reserve list?

We are unable to provide exact rankings due to the different rules that apply to the list, specifically the rules of geographical balance set by the EACEA, we can offer you some general guidance to help you understand where you stand.

I applied for the second time, but the results were not the same. How is this possible?

Please note that the documents required for the application campaign may differ from one year to another. Therefore, you must pay attention to the document requirements, such as the affidavit or the GPA Scholaroo document, which must contain all the required elements.