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Campaign for intake 2024-2026

The Master in Membrane Engineering for Sustainable Development, MESD, offers an advanced education programme related to membrane science and engineering at the interface between material science and chemical engineering and focused on specific applicative fields: Energy, Food, Bio and Health, and Water.

The campaign for intake 2024-2026 will be open from November 15, 2023, at 12:00 CET until January 15, 2024, at 23:59 CET, which marks the official submission deadline.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: The application deadline has been extended until January 22, 23:59 CET

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Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for application (admission and scholarship), students must meet the following requirements :

  • Hold a Bologna 1stcycle degree or a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, physics, materials engineering, chemical engineering, bio-chemical engineering, or an equivalent degree, from a College, University or Technical School with a recognized standing, or alternatively, have recognized professional experience in these fields. Students who are in their final year of study may be admitted, provided they submit their degree certificate of completion and official transcripts prior to enrolment.
  • Provide evidence of English proficiency, preferably through TOEFL or IELTS. Other official proof may be accepted after consideration by the Candidate Selection Committee. (Minimum level required CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: B2)
  • Submit a complete application form with all required attached documents. Applicants complete the application form and submit it exclusively online.

According to the Erasmus+ Guide, students who have already received an EMJM scholarship are not eligible to apply for another schola


Documents marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory documents.

All mandatory documents including the recommendation surveys must be uploaded before the extended deadline.

For further information please consult the FAQ section

  1. ID Photo*
  2. Proof of Nationality*: If you are a national from a country outside the EU, a valid Passport. If you are a national from a country inside the EU, a National ID or a passport.
    Please note that proof of nationality will only be accepted if the information is clearly presented and understandable in English or another official language of the European Union.
    Please ensure that the proof of nationality remains valid until the official submission deadline date. If the deadline is extended, the initial submission deadline will be considered.
    Failure to follow this guideline will result in the application being considered ineligible.
    Please note you must have a valid ID document from the application stage to the enrolment stage.
  3. Residence Proof*: Completed Affidavit Template
  4. Bologna 1st cycle degree or a bachelor degree in*: In original language and translated into English.
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Material engineering
    • Chemical engineering
    • Bio-chemical engineering
    • Other BSc eligible (to specify)
    If the diploma is not available before the deadline, a detailed transcript of records/mark sheet up to the semester before the last of the subject-specific University degree to be obtained must be submitted. The transcript must contain an overall cumulative grade point average or average mark.
    IMPORTANT: Original diplomas or Official certificates must be legalized and presented at the enrolment stage before August 20, 2024. Failure to this point will result in the not enrolment of the student.
  5. Bachelor academic transcripts with CGPA* and Official ranking document (if available)
    In original language and translated into English.
  6. GPA calculation via Scholaro*:
    Please use Scholaro’s free tool to calculate your GPA Once you have the results, save them as a pdf file and attach it to your application. You can use your browser’s print tool and adjust the parameters to ensure that all the required elements are clearly legible or obtain the official pdf file.
    • The list of courses entered (table on the left)
    • The list of courses with the GPA calculation (Table on the right)
    • Cumulative GPA result
    • The table presenting the country/university grading scale,
    These elements are needed so that the reviewer can check the calculation with the original TOR.
    Failure to follow this guideline will result in the application being considered ineligible.
  7. Proof of English proficiency (B2)*
    Documentation that meets the level B2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR
    Examples of documents
    • TOEFL iBT – Minimum score: 230 (computer based), 90 or 80 (internet based), or 550 (paper based)
    • IELTS – Minimum score: 6.5
    • Pearson’s language test with a score of at least 62 points
    • Cambridge ESOL, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – Minimum score: C
    • Duolingo English test
    • A letter from the University: Applicants from an English speaking country or having completed the bachelor degree in English as medium of instruction may provide an official letter from university.
  8. Europass CV in English*
    The Europass CV is available at Candidates must create a Europass profile
    If you encounter any difficulties when creating a profile, you have the option to request a Word template through the candidate selection tool.
    When creating a Europass CV, you have the flexibility to choose the sections you want to include, but you must have at least these three:
    • Education and training
    • Work experience and projects
    • Soft skills (including communication, digital, organisational and management skills)
  9. Motivation letter in English*
    Please illustrate relevant competencies qualifying you to participate in the MESD programme and explain your motivation and why you want to study specifically this programme and the track you have chosen.
    Maximum length: 1100 words.
    Please specify which track you choose for M1 between :
    • Membrane Materials, MemMAT
    • Membrane Chemical Engineering, MemENG
    • Membrane Technologies and Project management, MemTECH
    And for M2:
    • Energy
    • Food, Bio and health
    • Water
  10. Two recommendation surveys*
    Recommendation surveys should be of academic nature and evaluate the knowledge and practical skills of the applicant. The survey template is provided by the candidate tool. The template will be sent directly to the two individuals specified by the candidate as references via email. Candidates do not have access to this template. The status of their two reference surveys can be checked on the candidate tool. Example of reference person:
    • A referee from the faculty where the applicant obtained his/her degree.
    •A referee from faculty/employer/ supervisor.
  11. Optional documents
    As a candidate, you have the option to upload additional supporting documents for your application. These documents can include, but are not limited to:
    •Official proof of proficiency in languages other than the required ones.
    •Academic transcripts from other institutions.
    •Any additional academic degrees.
    •Evidence of scientific achievements, such as research work, publications, research projects, or studies conducted abroad.
Call for application deadline

The official deadline for submission of applications for both scholarship holders and self-paying students is January 15, 2024, at 23:59 CET.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: The application deadline has been extended until January 22, 23:59 CET (Central European Time).

RESULTS – Provisional Calendar

Notification by e-mail of shortlisted candidates for the online interview: March 8, 2024

Interview period: From March 18 to April 3, 2024

Notification of results: Approximately April 15, 2024

Appeal procedure

The appeal procedure ensures that all the rules are applied during the selection procedure and deal with possible problems. It allows the candidates to report a mistake that could have been made during the selection procedure, that is to say if the candidates consider that the application has not been handled correctly as described in the selection process. The appeal cannot concern the decision itself but an error.

Candidates who fail to submit the required documents by the specified deadlines are not permitted to appeal.

Important: The appeals process relates to how your proposal was handled during the evaluation and eligibility review process. It is not an automatic reevaluation.


The appeal must be written, using the following template. The completed document must be signed and dated, and sent in .pdf format to via the Candidate Selection Tool : message section.

MESD-Appeal form template_v2

Submission and deadline

To be valid, the appeal letter must be sent no later than seven days after the application results are announced.  Appeals sent after the deadline will not be considered.

Appeal decision

The Candidate Selection Committee will review each appeal before April 30, 2024. The Candidate Selection Committee may decide to re-evaluate and reconsider the application or deny the appeal procedure after a thorough review of the applicant’s appeal.

The applicant will be informed of the Candidate Selection Committee’s decision on the appeal before May 7, 2024.