Scholarships and Funding

Student scholarships

The scholarship is a contribution to the costs incurred by the students and covers travel, visa, installation and subsistence costs.

The scholarship is awarded for full-time enrolment, and covers the entire duration of the Master programme (24 months). This period covers all the activities needed by the enrolled scholarship holder to complete the study programme : study, research, placement activities, thesis preparation and defence, in line with the requirement of the joint Master.

The scholarship amount is calculated (pro-rata of the actual number of days) as: 1 400 Euros/month 

It is calculated on the basis of a monthly unit cost for the entire period

EMJM scholarships can be offered to students from all over the world*.

A reduced duration of the scholarship is applicable in case of recognition of prior learning (with a minimum scholarship duration of one academic year).

Students who have previously obtained an EMJM scholarship are not eligible to apply for an additional scholarship under the EMJM.

Consortia should ensure geographical balance*.

*« EMJM scholarships can be offered to students from all over the world. However, consortia should ensure geographical balance – i.e. no more than 10% of the total number of scholarships awarded during project implementation should be awarded to candidates from the same nationality (this rule does not apply to top up scholarships for targeted regions of the world, if applicable). »

The MESD consortium commits to ensuring equal access and opportunities to participants from all backgrounds. Therefore, enrolled students (with or without scholarship) with disabilities (e.g. long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments), can benefit from extra financial support related to the acquisition of special items or services (e.g. assistance by third persons, adaptation of work environment, additional travel/transportation costs).

A flat rate of 7,500 EUR (seven thousand and five hundred Euros) per year will be charged to self-paying students to cover their costs. This fee can be paid in four installments (in September and February of the first and second years)

Scholarship holders are not required to pay participation costs or other mandatory costs related to their participation in the Erasmus Mundus course.

Participation costs cover:

Registration as a regular student at each host university

Participation in all teaching activities

Participation in the seminars and workshops organized by the MESD consortium

Access to all the student services and activities (library…)

Student support in administrative and migratory procedures

Health, liability, accident, and assistance insurance.

Participation costs do not cover:

Living expenses or transportation costs (such as travel and visa fees).

Students who are not awarded an EMJM scholarship may still enroll in the Master MESD program, but they should be prepared to cover their own participation fees and living costs.

To prepare your budget, please consult the links below, which provide information on the « cost of living » in each country.







Pursuing higher education can be financially challenging, so we encourage applicants to explore the national and local funding opportunities available to outgoing and incoming students in many countries. These opportunities can provide valuable financial assistance to help them achieve their academic goals.

We encourage candidates to be aware of these opportunities and to apply for any that may be relevant to their circumstances.